What is Maca? The power root from the Peruvian Andes

Was ist Maca? Die Powerwurzel aus den peruanischen Anden

The maca plant has been cultivated in the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes for more than 2000 years and used by the local people as food and medicine. In the summer months, the plants are harvested and dried there.

The processing and drying of the root plays a major role in preserving the important nutrients. Since the plant is grown at altitudes of up to 5000 meters, it is exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Under these conditions, the maca plant uses its many vital substances to withstand the difficult conditions.

There are 4 types of Maca in total. They differ in size and color. They range from black, reddish, yellow and purple. However, there is no major difference in the composition of the nutrients.

The following study offers a very comprehensive insight into the nutrient composition of the various maca plants. (Link to the study)

The effect of the miracle tuber has been studied in clinical studies in South America, China and the USA. They showed that maca root contributes to an increase in sexual desire and sperm production. For example, the Peruvian scientist Gustavo Gonzales gave maca to twelve men between the ages of 20 and 40 for three months and then studied their fertility (fertility). After only two weeks he could see an average doubling of the sperm count.

Maca has been proven to promote fertility and has an invigorating effect (study by Gustavo Gonzales)

The effect is not surprising, because Maca contains many vital substances and is also particularly rich in antioxidants and secondary plant substances. Join in calciumzinc, iodine, iron, copper and Eat, as well as many Vitamins like B2, B5, Cand Niacin. In addition, maca root also contains plant sterols, which are similar to the hormone testosterone.

A direct influence on the testosterone level could not be determined during the studies.

Due to this abundance of nutrients (vital substances), it is particularly athletes popular. But Maca is also very suitable for other people who want to increase their vitality, strength and endurance due to its high nutrient density. Overall, it has an invigorating and energizing effect.

Maca is a great natural energy booster for both men and women

Due to the high demand and popularity of the maca root, the quality has been suffering for years. There is a constant risk of fungal infestation or exposure to pesticides. In our Beyond Vitality we use pure organic Read Powder of the best quality to give you more energy and vitality. Together with the other nutrients we have created a unique product in which the maca root is a solid component.