What is sports nutrition?

Was ist Sporternährung?

Nutritionists, nutritional science, sports medicine and sports science deal scientifically with sports nutrition (sports nutrition, sports nutrition).

Sporting excellence not only requires iron discipline in training, but also in nutrition. It's like the fuel you put in your race car.

There is also a lot of advice and recommendations from athletes, trainers and nutritionists, among others.

exercise and diet

The main component of this diet or diet is optimizing the physical and mental performance of the body. Sports nutrition includes various aspects consisting of:

  • Alter
  • current physical condition
  • Sport and training design
  • Goals

The individual diet is divided into different phases:

  • training and construction
  • Preparation for competition or pre-competition phase
  • competition
  • Regeneration

Sports nutrition for top performance

Sports nutrition should be individually adapted to the current needs of the respective athlete in terms of energy content and energy composition. This includes accurate calculation of required macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) as well as hydration. Other important aspects are the intake of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, dietary fiber and, more recently, secondary plant substances.

Building a better you

All findings from sports nutrition are also applicable to non-athletes. They all follow the same principles and rules of thumb regarding calorie expenditure and intake.

building a better you

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Nutritionist for athletes

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