What helps against heat? Our 7 tips for a cooler head.

Was hilft gegen Hitze? Unsere 7 Tipps für einen kühleren Kopf.

Summer is finally here, but with several days or even weeks of 30 degrees and more, it's too much for even the biggest sun worshiper. It's hot, you sweat and you can't stand it at work or at home. Headaches, insomnia, circulatory and concentration problems can be the result of the high temperatures. With our tips you can surely keep a cooler head.

Frau duscht unter dem Wasserfall als leichte Abkühlung

Tip 1: Disconnect devices from the network

All devices such as televisions, radios and other electronic devices constantly give off heat when they are energized. This is called lost heat. Therefore, unplug all devices that you do not need to avoid unnecessary additional heat in your home.

Tip 2: Choose the right summer outfit

Wear loose clothing so your body can breathe. Particularly natural fabrics such as light cotton are very well suited here. They are very breathable and help your body to regulate its temperature. By sweating and exchanging heat with the air, the body tries to keep its temperature in balance. Avoid synthetic and air-impermeable fabrics at all costs.

Tip 3: Regular lukewarm showers

Regular showering helps lower the body's temperature, but pay attention to the water temperature. Water that is too cold can put your body into a state of shock, increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Increased sweating after cooling down is then another undesirable consequence. For this reason, it is better to take a lukewarm shower.

Tip 4: Avoid ice cold drinks

Cold drinks shock your digestion much like a cold shower. Therefore, try to avoid cold drinks and, at best, use lukewarm water. On very hot days, 2.5-3 liters are ideal, depending on body type. Especially those who sweat a lot also lose a lot of water. The body needs enough liquid to keep its temperature in balance. Add some lemons or ginger to get the right kick of freshness even without ice cubes.

Tip 5: Ventilate properly in the morning

In the morning you should open all the windows and let the whole house or room air out for 15-30 minutes. The temperature is usually the lowest in the early morning, because nature cools down at night. After airing you should close all windows and if possible curtains, Keep curtains and blinds closed to keep warm air out.

Tip 6: Choose the right foods

Light, water-rich foods such as fresh fruit put less strain on the body and refresh it. So melon, cucumber or strawberries are the ideal snack in between. Mineral-rich foods such as salads are also good choices. You should avoid spicy dishes, as they only stimulate the metabolism unnecessarily. 

Tip 7: Look for shade

The sun's rays are particularly strong in the morning to early afternoon in summer. This is certainly advantageous for vitamin D production, because this can only take place with direct sunlight on your skin. Because of the all-important vitamin D, you should walk in the sun for 15-20 minutes a day. Otherwise, spend the time in the shade or other cool places so as not to unnecessarily burden your circulation.