What is D-Ribose? The forgotten fuel of cells.

Was ist D-Ribose? Der vergessene Kraftstoff der Zellen.

Team Beyond Nutrition Athletin AlinaD-Ribose is a natural sugar, a five-carbon monosaccharide. It is a non-essential nutrient because it can be synthesized in the body from other substances such as glucose. It is used by many cells in the body and is an important part of energy metabolism. D-Ribose also forms the carbohydrate portion of vital DNA and RNA.

Ribose has an influence on the energy production of the body cells and the energy metabolism. This is a natural process in the energy metabolism. Regardless of whether you are a triathlete or an office worker, everyone can benefit from this natural nutrient.

The tasks of D-Ribose

D-Ribose increases the amount of energy in the heart and muscle cells. Ribose is converted into energy in cells by activating and stimulating ATP production.

Each cell produces its own ribose, involved in the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP), to aid in ATP production.

It also represents the starting point for the energy of our muscle cells. ATP (Adenosin-Tri-Phosphat) is a molecule that stores energy in the muscle and can make it available quickly. So it is the primary source of energy for our skeletal muscles. If no ATP is available, the need for energy cannot be met. Cells and tissues therefore need a certain amount of time to recover after physical stress, such as fitness training.

How is D-Ribose made?

D-Ribose is fermented from corn. This process is also recognized as vegan. For this purpose, bacteria are used that convert the corn sugar into D-ribose in their metabolic process. So it is a natural process. However, due to the high price of this raw material, many manufacturers of dietary supplements do not use it.

Why can it be useful for athletes to take D-Ribose?

After intense physical exertion, the body can benefit from D-Ribose to recharge its energy stores. Especially for sports that train short-term, explosive tension, such as weightlifting, sprinting or strength training, Ribose can benefit. It goes very well with Creatine and can improve its absorption and effect. For this purpose, both substances should be taken together.

As previously described, D-Ribose provides the building block for the synthesis of ATP. The creatine supplies additional phosphates which are lost during energy production in order to generate new ATP. You can find out more about ATP synthesis in the Beyond professional articles on creatine read.

D-Ribose against stress and fatigue

In studies, 41 patients with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (fiber-muscle pain) were each treated with 5 g D-ribose for 55 days. After the end of the study, significant improvements in the energy level could be seen in 66% of the participants. In addition, it was well tolerated by the entire field of participants, as stated.

"The combination of D-ribose with reducing antioxidants may provide a more optimal state of cellular protection during and following times of oxidative stress." Publication from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, USA.

In total there are well over 100 studies that have been carried out with D-Ribose. Due to its properties, it is very interesting for athletes and people who are often exposed to high stress situations.

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D-Ribose and the heart

Since D-Ribose also provides energy for the heart muscles, it can be used in endurance sports and people with heart conditions.

More than half of heart failure patients have preserved ejection fraction or isolated diastolic dysfunction for which there are currently no effective therapies for diastolic dysfunction. 

Every cell requires adequate amounts of energy-rich phosphates to maintain its integrity and function. Previous studies have shown that diastolic function is energy dependent, and supplemental D-Ribose has been shown to improve diastolic dysfunction. In 11 patients who took 5 g of ribose daily for 6 weeks, an improvement in their tissue Doppler velocity (E') could be demonstrated in 64% of the patients.

Weitere Studie: D-Ribose as a Supplement for Cardiac Energy Metabolism.

This pilot study showed some beneficial trends with D-Ribose even in this small number of participants. However, more research is needed to further substantiate these observed benefits.

D-Ribose and Creatine Monohydrate

Due to the mentioned beneficial properties of D-Ribose, it is certainly a useful supplement. However, due to the high price of this premium raw material, many manufacturers refrain from using it. Worse, most people aren't even aware of this nutrient.

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