Born out of passion

Founder Yves comes from Luxembourg and was enthusiastic about sports, nutrition and health from an early age. Unfortunately, in his search for high-quality dietary supplements, he repeatedly found that many brands lacked transparency, naturalness and a scientific background. Finding quality products that could support him over the long term was almost impossible.

In 2017 he decided to start his own brand. His guideline was quickly found, "beyond traditional supplements", because he wanted to go further than many other brands. The heart of Beyond Nutrition is the development of high-quality and targeted nutrient concepts. Here, Yves orientated himself entirely on the model of nature in order to use synergies between purely natural ingredients.

Every Beyond Nutrition product has a clear purpose. It supports you in different life situations. Through high quality, sustainability and a high performance ratio, Beyond Nutrition offers its customers a unique experience and long-term success. 

"I look forward to your visit and hope I was able to convince you to trust my brand to accompany you on your way!"

Yves Smith
Founder and CEO

my qualifications

  • Fitness trainer B license from the BSA Academy
  • Consultant for sports nutrition B license from the IST study institute
  • Seminar on the basics of dietary supplements at the Fresenius Academy
  • 5 years of experience in sales of sports nutrition

Beyond Training im Fitness Studio

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