24/7 Beauty package for day and night
24/7 Beauty package for day and night

24/7 Beauty package for day and night

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Sleep beautiful! Many have heard this saying and it is also true, because during sleep our body recovers and can regenerate and repair cells. For this, our body needs the right nutrients. Our combination of Beyond Beauty (for the day) and Beyond Recovery (for night) provides you with all the nutrients that the body needs around 24/7 your beauty to support.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, a basic prerequisite for the preservation of hair, nails and skin is also an adequate supply of micronutrients.

Beyond Beauty was specially developed to support the preservation of hair, nails and skin from the inside. Our natural complex contains over 10 important micronutrients per capsule. Using 15 current studies, we connect high -quality plant substances such as Lycopine, Vitamins & Minerals and thus offer you a unique beauty product. Beyond Recovery Supplicate you with important nutrients that support your relaxation and relaxation that you take before sleeping.

Recommended income: Take 2x capsules in the morning or between meals. Take 3x Capslen Beyond Recovery 30 minutes before going to bed.

Dosage: Our beauty package provides you with 30 portions / a monthly ration.

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